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Mindful Medicine Services

I am a Western trained, board-certified physician with over a decade of experience in Internal Medicine, acupuncture, mind-body medicine, breath work, and yoga.

Mindful Medicine Rochester was born in 2018 when I decided that it was time to share a more balanced approach to health with the Rochester community.

Since that time, I’ve helped hundreds of patients with anxiety, pain, and other symptoms using a mind-body approach that combines the tools of acupuncture, mindfulness, breathwork, and movement.

Some of my clients see me strictly for acupuncture.

Others are interested in my mind-body approach to the treatment of pain, anxiety, or other symptoms, while others are interested in my 4-week Mind-Body Immersion experience.

I believe that we have the ability to heal ourselves from within and Mindful Medicine Rochester is about helping you to reclaim that power.

Mind-Body Immersion

4-week program

Build a deeper relationship with your MIND and BODY!

The Mind-Body Immersion is our 4-week program that will teach you how to integrate mindfulness into your life to develop a more positive relationship with stress and anxiety and improve your health.

In this experiential program, you will learn and practice meditation, breath work, mindfulness, and somatic tracking and you will develop an understanding of the how these practices positively influence your nervous system. You will change your perception of stress and you will deepen your connection to your mind and body.

The course consists of daily emails that outline the lesson for the day, curated readings, videos, and mindfulness exercises.

I personally support all clients through the program – you may choose to meet in person and receive acupuncture during the program or meet for support sessions via Zoom.

Office Visit Services

Initial Acupuncture Appointments (75 min): $190

Follow-Up Acupuncture Appointments (60 min): $120

Initial Mind-Body Consultation (90 min): $220

Follow-Up Mind-Body Visits (60 min): $120

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