Services Offered

Mindful Medicine Services

I am a Western trained, board-certified physician with over a decade of experience in Internal Medicine, acupuncture, mind-body medicine, breath work, and yoga.

Mindful Medicine Rochester was born in 2018 when I decided that it was time to share a more balanced approach to health with the Rochester community.

Since that time, I’ve helped hundreds of patients with anxiety, pain, and other symptoms using a mind-body approach that combines the tools of acupuncture, mindfulness, breathwork, and movement.

Some of my clients see me strictly for acupuncture.

Others are interested in my mind-body approach to the treatment of pain, anxiety, or other symptoms, while others are interested in my 4-week Mind-Body Immersion experience.

I believe that we have the ability to heal ourselves from within and Mindful Medicine Rochester is about helping you to reclaim that power.

Office Visit Fees

Initial Consultation (75 min): $235

Follow-Up Visits (60 min): $135

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