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Dr. Olden is an Internal Medicine physician (M.D.) offering Acupuncture in Rochester NY, with specialized training in the management of symptoms. He is board-certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM). He has spent the last ten years of his career as a specialist treating patients for pain, nausea, depression, anxiety, shortness of breath, insomnia, and many other symptoms. Dr. Olden has worked with hundreds of patients to help them improve quality of life and function.

How long do the effects of acupuncture last?

How Long Do the Effects of Acupuncture Last? Acupuncture is known to be an effective form of treatment for many symptoms. Since everyone is different, it’s hard to generalize the long term benefits of acupuncture for the entire population. The effects of acupuncture depend on the person and the symptoms that they present with. Their …

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massage before or after acupuncture

Should You Get A Massage Before Or After an Acupuncture Treatment? Many people in the wellness industry are asking the question growing in popularity, “Is it better to get a massage before or after your acupuncture treatment?” We did the research and consulted experts in the field and this is what we found. Massages are …

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Sir William Osler was a Canadian physician and one of the founding professors of Johns Hopkins Hospital. Dr. Osler created the first residency program for specialty training of physicians, and he was the first to bring medical students outside of the classroom for bedside clinical training.

Acupuncture NY

A lot of people – family, friends, patients, other physicians – have asked me how acupuncture works. This will be my first of a few posts on how I usually explain my understanding of acupuncture in response to this question. But first, a brief history. Acupuncture has been practiced for thousands of years! There are …

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Image Copyright © 2019, Coey Designs The numbers … On average, 130 Americans die every day from an opioid overdose. This statistic is staggering. In fact, opioid overdoses killed more people in 2016 than guns or car accidents, and are doing so at a pace faster than the HIV epidemic at its peak. These days, …

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Acupuncture consultation
Facts about cbd

Facts About CBD CBD has gained so much momentum over the last year or so and is the #1 supplement that I am asked about by patients, family, and friends. Check out this trend line that shows consumer interest in CBD based on Google searches over the last 5 years: Google Search Trend : CBD …

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